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RASCOM has three basic organs :


    As the strategic and policy orientation organ, the Assembly of Parties is made up of all the governments that have signed the RASCOM Convention. To date, 44 African governments have signed the RASCOM Convention. It meets in ordinary sessions every two years


    The Board of Directors is responsible for the design, development, construction, establishment, operation and maintenance of the RASCOM space segment and any other activities which RASCOM is authorized to undertake. The Board meets every three months in ordinary sessions

It comprises representatives broken down as follows:

    • Fifteen representatives of the Signatories or group of Signatories that have accepted to be represented as a group and each of whom holds one of the fifteen largest shares within the Organization
    • Five representatives of Signatories not represented also on the Board of Directors and selected from each of the five African regions (North, Central, West, East and South). They are elected by the Assembly of Parties, irrespective of their number of shares.
    • Representatives of Non-Signatory Shareholders, selected in accordance with the provisions of the Non-Signatory Shareholders Agreement .

    Under the stewardship of a Director-General, it implements the decisions of the Board and oversees the day-to-day running of the Organization.